Dearly beloved:

Perhaps in Nigeria,
one may be so addressed
without suspicion.
Certainly none
of my other emails
begin so sweetly —
it is almost a pleasure
to receive one.

Greetings in the name
of humanity.
And greetings to you,
oh giver of unbelievable gifts!
But you must not have
done enough homework, quite.
Here in the good America,
we do not much mind

if wealth acquisition
without humility,

all is vanity. Here
we are all dying
of cancer, all our late husbands
have just passed away,
all our money has just slipped
through our fingers,
we are doing, already,
all we can.

I hate to leave you like this,
awaiting urgently my reply,
oh beloved, diligent Christian,
former government aide.
No, I shall not send you
my name, full, nor my marital status.
I would send you roses, perhaps.
I shall pray over it.

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