#24 – Ode to My Feet

Dear feet: thank you
for all your weary days,
the concrete floors of restaurant
kitchens and café bars,
the high heels, the cowboy boots.
The cowboy boots when I was
thirty-six weeks and
forty-pounds pregnant.

Thank you for taking me
up the Mogollon Rim, the Grand Canyon,
Nevada Falls, and the stairs
to my daughter’s room each night.

You are a miracle
of engineering, the long bones
and the short bones,
the bend and flex,
the weight and balance. I do not
rub you enough.

One response to “#24 – Ode to My Feet

  1. Well said…something as incredibly engineered as the foot, taken for granted until…well, they can’t do their job …thanks for your tribute ….rub them with scented oil and say a prayer of gratitude….I know I always will….

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