#20 – Pick-up Time

It is warm, but not real sunny,
and not the kind of warm
you want to be in. Feels like rain
is coming, but the rain
never comes, just keeps me
from hanging my laundry out.

I’m late. Trying always
to get one last thing done,
and I’m supposed to be there
by now, but the center is just
a few minutes off, so I think,
well, I can get these dishes done
before I go, and that’ll be easier
than trying after I pick her up.

But then I can’t find my keys,
because I can never
find my keys, and I’m halfway there
when I remember I’ve forgotten
the check I owe them and
damn it is too hot in this car.

Still, she is a ray of light.
Snot-crusted and smiling,
dirt smudged on every surface of her,
she runs on toddler feet
to greet me. So it’s okay.


(A traveling poem. Sort of.)

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