#14 & 15 – Sonnets

Having missed yesterday, I’m making up two days in one – the prompts for yesterday and today were sonnets and parodies, so I’m doing both at once, twice. The second really isn’t a parody, exactly, but you’ll recognize the original whence it came. It’s been fun working from prompts and within forms that I don’t usually use – at this halfway mark of NaPoWriMo I’m not thrilled with every poem, but I am enjoying the process.

Baby Sonnet #1

Shall I compare thee to a springtide morn?
Thou art more windy and more changeable.
Late frosts will make one long for June,
Like thy desires, so unattainable.
Sometime the bottle, just out of reach,
More often the scissors or knife;
And every need must needs be screeched,
Lest nobody know of thy strife.
But thy eternal screaming shall not cease
Nor lose possession of the volume thou may boast,
Nor shall thy tiny soul submit to sleep,
Even when it is the thing thou needest most.
So long as ears can hear and lungs can heave
So shall you fill the space left in between.

# # #

Baby Sonnet #2

How do I love thee, baby? Uncountable the ways –
I love you more than sunshine, more than the air I breathe,
I love you more than silence, solitude, or sleep,
and with each beat my bounded heart is singing out thy praise.

Fear of losing you is like a noose around my days –
sometimes I cannot cage myself from grief,
sometimes I drown in endless what-could-be,
the bottom that could fall, the void and blaze.

My mammal’s body built you, cell by cell,
my mammal’s body grew you, blood and bone,
my bounded heart turns toward you, oh my light,
my air is the sweet milkscent of your smell,
and for the fear I bear I do atone –
but I love thee more than reason, more than life.

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